Things to keep in mind when hiring a caterer

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Things to keep in mind when hiring a caterer, Burlington Catering, Caterers in Burlington

From time to time, we come across events – a large and elaborate family dinner, a Christmas party at work or a wedding, that demand us to consider hiring a caterer because everyone knows that food can turn any event into a memorable and successful event. 

Personally, we may not have that capacity or knowledge to cater, to deliver the kind of experience which every guest in attendance will find truly satisfying, memorable and talked about long after other details have faded. Caterers through their professional training have the ability that enables them to create a highly hospitable environment for any event.

Here are some things to keep in mind when hiring a caterer:

  • Define your catering budget:

This is key to help you decide and narrow down your search of a good caterer. As with everything else, there are different types of caterers dealing with different types and scale of events. The catering menu isn’t all you should consider.  Planning an event is a detailed process. At Burlington Catering, we review every detail to ensure your event is perfect. Our catering menu and planning process was designed with you in mind. When planning an event, our team sits down with the client, discovers their wants, needs and budget. Our goal is to provide exceptional service, remain within your budget and to exceed your guest’s expectations.

  • Look for references:

This is a bit of research that will help you immensely. Try and remember the best parties that you have attended and reach out to the hosts to get you leads on the catering services they used. Check for testimonials online. People love to critique food. Chances are you'll get a good overview from a wide range of clients just by googling the Caterer. Established caterers should have a good bank of satisfied customer’s comments right on their very website

  • Compare your options:

As with everything else, you must compare your choices that you have ahead of you. There are a number of differentiators that you can compare - price, portion sizes, extra services provided When planning for an event, we review everything from tables and chairs, to linens and crystal, from Hors d’ Oeuvre’s to wine, to dinner through dessert, we accomplish all of these details and provide exceptional service.

  • Allergies, Dietary Restrictions, Vegetarian Requests:

Make sure Your Caterer will accommodate the number of guests that require a different meal due to the many different dietary requirements facing more and more of us. When creating a menu for your event, we listen carefully to any special requests and accommodate them appropriately. Does an event attendee have a food allergy? Is there a need for a dairy free or gluten free or a vegetarian dish? Our unique concept truly caters to your individual needs without compromising the integrity of our wonderfully tasteful & delicious food.

  • Ethical and Sustainable Food

Ask whether the food being used is Certified Organic, if the protein used is Humane Raised and Seafood is from Ocean Smart Sustainable Fisheries. Our specialized custom menus are composed using only the finest and freshest ingredients and organic wherever possible. We have our produce delivered daily from local growers and every thing we prepare is made from scratch. When creating a menu for your event, we take our commitment to the environment very seriously. And use free range and Humanely raised livestock and buy seafood that is either farm, raised or Sustainable, Net free and hook and line caught

  • Enquire about additional services:

Check if the catering service can provide additional services – arranging for a florist, organising the table linen, etc. You will find dealing with one service provider better especially if you are involved in other aspects of the event. In addition to menu and set-up planning, we also have an established exit strategy. Once your event has concluded, we will pack all of the leftovers in to-go plates, clean and remove all event wares. Burlington Catering is truly a full-service event planner.

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