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The options of catering and dining styles are bound to differ as per the occasion, be it weddings, corporate launches, anniversary dinners baptisms or confirmations. We at Burlington Catering specialize in all types of dining styles. The uniqueness of our presentation in each of these dining styles is what makes them suitable to different events. For instance, plated services go well with formal, black-tie events while cocktail services are best suited to casual and free-to-mingle setting.

Below is the list of some of the most popular dining styles:

  • Plated Service:

This is a dining option where the guests remain seated for the meal while they are served by hired wait staffs. Our Plated meals are further done in one of two ways: guests given options for their entrée. When options are given to guests, two or three entree options are included in the menu, allowing each guest to choose the meal they prefer to have prior to the event. This means we keep a record of who ordered what. On the other hand, we serve a duet meal where half portions of two different meats are served on the opposite sides of the same plate. One advantage with duet meals is that they are not as time-consuming as optioned plated meal because everyone is served the same thing. Whether you choose an entree or a duet meal, three courses are typically served (salad/soup, dessert and entree). Our Plated services are most appropriate for formal, black-tie events. 

  • Buffet Service:

When it comes to buffets, we present food in chafing dishes, on glass or even ceramic platters placed on banquet tables. The guests walk along either side as they serve themselves. Having our staff at each dish is also an option so that they can help serve the guests. Buffets can always be scaled up or down to match the formality of the occasion. They lend an informal feel compared to family and plated style meals. Our Buffets suit best for informal weddings as well as when the budget is a bit tight. 

  • Food Stations:

In this style of reception, we group food by type and have it spread out across the reception space. There may be a tapas station, carving station, dessert station, raw bar, etc.. Food stations allow for less congestion and mobility. We can also have a chef standing behind each food station preparing the guests food. The fun thing with our food stations is that you can customize it to your taste as well as offer your guests a wider variety than a conventional plated meal service. 

  • Cocktail Service:

This type of service typically features appetizers along with other small bites provided all evening instead of a hearty meal. The appetizers are often one or two-bite portions. Additionally, they can be a mixture of cold & hot options. They can either be passed around by our servers or made stationary where guests get them for themselves. Cocktail reception is a great choice for guests who prefer a more casual setting or a setting where they can meet and mingle with each other.

The nature of the event in question  and one’s budget  would determine the dining style you finally choose for your next upcoming event. In a nutshell, each of these dining styles are best suited to different events, making it easier for the event organizers to plan well in advance how they would like their guests to be attended to. To sum it up choose your dining style preference considering the type of event you are holding and the resources at your disposal.

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