Tips to Plan Parties This Summer

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Tips to Plan Parties This Summer, Burlington Catering

Planning  a summer party can be overwhelming, be it  corporate lunches, weddings, anniversaries or baptisms. We at Burlington Catering are bringing to you a few summer party-planning tips, that would help you  to host the season's best fete just like a pro and spend quality time with colleagues, family and friends. After all, isn't that what a summer party is  all about?

Create a concept: Conceptualize the party theme. Will you be hosting a cocktail party for your friends or a corporate lunch for your colleagues? A family-friendly anniversary, wedding, baptism or a pool party? An all generation game night or formal evening party ? Whatever the event, think of a theme and bring it to life. Create a master to-do list and a cost sheet which you can update throughout the planning process.
TIP: Do not forget to engage with a catering service to advise and conceptualize the menu for your party. 

Send invitations: 2 to 3 weeks before the event, create a guest list and send invitations - choose whether mailed invitations or an online invite will be appropriate for your event. Don't forget the 'obvious' details like who, what, when and where the party is taking place. 
TIP: Suggest a dress code. 

Plan the Food & Drinks: The food & drinks should look as good as it tastes. This is why it’s important to hire the right caterer, who understands the importance of food presentation as per the event being organised
For the food – in consideration of a summer party, summer berries and veggies like tomatoes and zucchini are sure to be incorporated  in the  catering  menu whether it's on the appetizers or desserts. Choose dishes that can be prepared well in advance, say a day before the party and served warm at the right time
TIP: Hire a catering company that listens to your needs but also advises and customizes accordingly .  After all, along with a great menu should come satisfied pallets.
For the drinks - Think light and refreshing . A self-serve bar will do well in a corporate setting while iced-down beers in galvanized buckets should do for a casual setting. 
TIP: Margaritas and sangrias are popular summer time drinks. They can be prepared overnight and set out in a glass drink dispenser or a punch bowl for a classy presentation and easy access. 

The decorative details: For the decor - summer is the ideal time to embrace bright colors. Incorporate color into the party theme through decorative details like linen and paper flags. 
TIP: Nothing screams 'summer' as loud as succulents do. With this in mind, it makes sense to set them out as table centerpieces. 

With these summer party planning tips at hand, you can be guaranteed that your guests will have fun and enjoy every minute of the party.

At Burlington Catering, we offer to listen to your ideas and accordingly advise and customize the catering of your summer party. We ensure your event would be unique and a success!

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