Tips to Nail Catering for Your Corporate Meet ups

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Although you can certainly simply set out snacks or a meal, for a corporate meet up, a nicely catered food presentation and etiquette will impress your guests and help reinforce a positive image of you, your company and your product or service.

Below are a few tips to create a catering menu that will be a hit with your guests:

  • Offer Novelty And Variety

Think about how often business people are in luncheon meetings these days.   If you are looking to impress, think outside the box. Select a specific cuisine or if your guests are from out of town, get them to try foods with local flavor.

  • Be Thoughtful

Each one of your attendees has different food preferences, and it’s almost impossible to make everyone happy. However plan your catering in a way your efforts and thoughtfulness will always be appreciated.

 - Consider including kosher and vegetarian options
 - Offer healthy, low-calorie food for the health-conscious attendees
 - If it’s not obvious, label meals and list common allergens
 - Avoid serving food that is too spicy, too salty or too sweet
 - Think about desserts for lactose intolerant people

  • Buffet Style Works Great for most Corporate Meet Ups

A buffet is very easy to organize and allows your guests to choose their own food as well as food portion. Keep in mind that you can have guests go down both sides of a buffet table – this will speed up the process and get everyone to their seat quicker. At the end, you can visually assess which menu items were popular with your guests – that’s great feedback to have for your next event.

  • Presentation Is Important

Your food may taste delicious, but it should look as professional and  good as it tastes! This is why it’s important to hire the right caterer, who understands the importance of food presentation and work hard to ensure that all the catered menu items are attractively presented and create a mouthwatering first impression.

  • Make Sure The Food Is Fresh

Quality is important, so make sure your catering menu selections are freshly prepared by your catering service – preferably within a couple of hours of your event.  Food needs to be prepared at the right time, to potentially maintain its crispness and freshness. Consider having warming trays & Sterno set-ups, so that food can be kept warm until you’re ready to serve it.

  • When In Doubt - Consult!

If you have a vague idea and are not really sure how to plan for your catered corporate  event, don’t just wing it – consult with a good  catering company. Finding the perfect company to render their catering services is of utmost importance. At Burlington Catering, we offer you an experienced platform to  help you not only in making  a perfect menu selection, but also offer your company advice and ideas to make the corporate event different and unique, for at the end of the day, you want to leave an otherwise corporate meet up with satisfied smiles and happy comments.

We would be glad to cater for your Corporate event and ensure your event is a success!

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