How to Choose a Caterer for your Wedding

By Fred Wicks |   | tagged " Catered Events, Catering Service, Expertise, Fine Food "

Choosing the menu and caterer is one of the most important decisions you will make leading up to your wedding day as the food served at your wedding is a reflection of you. It’s important to choose a caterer that will serve the type and quality of food you want to present your guests. It’s also one of the largest expenses when it comes to weddings. You’ll want to negotiate the best quality available for your budget.

Ensure your guests will be satisfied and happy after dinner to leave a lasting impression of your wedding day. With a little preparation, serving a memorable meal to your guests can take a huge amount of stress and worry off your mind.

Follow our checklist to hire the best caterer for your wedding day.

1. Set the budget

The first thing you need to bear in mind when looking for a catering service is how much you want to spend on the food. Your budget will depend on the number of guests, the venue, the type of food and the way the food will be served. For example, a buffet style serving option will cost lesser than a full dinner service. Call local caterers to see the average rates in your area. Compile your budget based on your requirements and market rates.

2. Create your ideal menu/food choices

The type of wedding you’re having will affect what type of food to serve and how to serve it. Additionally, your budget can have an effect on menu and serving options. Select food and service that matches your personality and the theme of your wedding. Offer a range of options so all of your guests will be able to enjoy the food.

3. Ask for referrals/search online/attend wedding shows

There are many catering service providers out there but you need to choose the best one which can address your needs and requirements. Search online for a list of caterers and their reviews in your area. Ask for referrals from friends and family who have hosted weddings or large events recently. Another great place to search for potential caterers is at wedding shows. Choose a few you like and start calling around for more information.

4. Initial consultation

Make appointments with the caterers to have an initial consultation. Bring your budget and menu selections to discuss with the chef. This is a great time to ask the pro any questions about what might be best for your special day. Speak up about what you envision for your wedding day in general and also what you envision for your food. A good chef can take your ideas and opinions and turn them into a creative masterpiece. Choose the catering company that can accommodate your menu requests, fits your budget, and reduces your wedding day food worries.

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