Busted! Don’t Believe These Catering Myths!

By Fred Wicks |   | tagged " Catered Events, Dining Styles, Fine Food, Nutrition "

Busted! Don’t Believe These Catering Myths!

For any event to be successful, you need to consider all aspects, from attractive decoration to finalizing a venue and if you feed your guests right, it will be the icing on the cake. Hence, hiring a catering company is crucial. A caterer plans a menu, prepares and presents the food and also cleans up, making it a stress-free event for you and allowing you to be with your guests, instead of worrying about serving them.

While there are numerous catering options available, often, people prefer to look after catering themselves due to misinformation and myths about catering services. To clear the air, we’ve debunked three myths about catering services that should give you the confidence to hire one, the next time you need a caterer.

Myth 1: Catering is Expensive.

This myth exists because quite simply, many have not used a catering service before and the perceived value is high. There are catering companies which send out free estimates, never exceed their quotes and strive to work within budget limits set out by their clients.

Myth 2: It’s just as easy to do myself.

Catering to a party is a big job. It starts with menu planning, followed by purchasing of all ingredients, prepping, cooking, presenting, serving and cleaning up. Doing an event yourself can be stressful and leave you no time to enjoy the occasion.

Myth 3: I can just buy pre-made food, it won’t matter.

There are companies which use the freshest ingredients, as many organic food items as available and stick to serving homemade food. Such companies serve high quality food along with top notch catering services. Hence, instead of buying pre-made food you could go with catering companies which serve high quality food, that’s freshly made.

Even years after an event, one thing that guests always remember is the food. So make it a memorable event and hire a caterer.

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