Event Catering Services: Frequently Asked Questions

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Event Catering Services: Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to catering services, clients are always in search of answers to their stream of questions. The inability to find these valuable answers often leads to the spread of misconceptions that impede their ability to make the right decisions in selecting appropriate catering options.

To ensure you enjoy a stress-free event and have all your gastronomic needs well catered to, as market leaders in the field of catering, Burlington Catering has answered some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about our Event Catering Services.

  1. How much do you charge?

This is probably the most common question we get. While do have Standard Menus, we also offer custom menus based on your per-person amount you would like to spend (within reason of course).

  1. I am not sure of my guest count - What happens if I book for more/fewer people that can attend?

While we require a ballpark number to provide you pricing for a quote, you can adjust these numbers right up until a week before your event which usually provides clients with sufficient time to get a more accurate count on guest attendance.

  1. How can I be assured that the food you’re supplying for my event is fresh and not stale dated or leftovers from another event?

Burlington Catering provides Onsite Chef Services. All the food we serve at your event is prepared homemade onsite of your event, right before your very eyes, ensuring the freshest quality available.

  1. I have guests with food intolerances/food allergies. Can these types of requests be accommodated?

We at Burlington Catering take food allergies very seriously as they can often be fatal in severe cases. We have a Red Seal Chef with 30 years hospitality service and classically trained at George Brown College in courses of nutrition and allergy awareness. We employ only certified food handlers who are trained with our Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan and cross-contamination awareness to accommodate your guests with special dietary requirements.

  1. We require our Caterer to be insured - is this possible?

We carry a $2 million liability policy and can have our carrier send you a certificate of insurance & underwrite your event for full coverage for all corporate and private events upon request as a value-added service for choosing Burlington Catering.

  1. Do you provide serving staff?

We provide Servers and Smart Serve Certified Bartenders as well as certified food handlers. Servers typically cost $100 for a minimum of four hours and bartenders are $200 per event. While we do not charge Chef Fees for the Chef we provide for every event, we do have a fee for additional cooks, if required for large parties.

  1. What kind of equipment do we need to rent?

Depending on your venue/menu and facilities available, the equipment required varies a great deal. As your caterer, we will take care of and provide all necessary Chafing dishes to keep your food hot. All cooking and serving equipment required will be supplied free of any charges whatsoever. The only exception to this rule is where specialized equipment for custom menus is requested by the client and is not in our current inventory. Additionally, disposable cutlery, glassware, and flatware are all available and provided for free upon request. All China and glassware need to be rented from a party rental company at the client's’ expense. Burlington Catering can make such arrangements on a client’s behalf including delivery and pickup secured with credit card information

  1. How will our final bill compare to the estimate provided for services?

At Burlington Catering, we guarantee all our quotes and estimates! Your final bill is the exact amount provided in your estimate. There will never be any hidden charges or fees for gratuity automatically added. The only charges that will ever be added are changes of increased guest counts or add-on items requested and approved by the client. We take our commitment to your pricing very seriously.

If you have any more questions about having your event catered or catering services, get in touch with the experts at Burlington Catering. As a leading catering company that delivers first-class food for every occasion, we specialize in bespoke catering services and offer a personalized touch. To learn more about how we can help you, please click here or contact us by clicking here.