New and Exciting Catering Trends to Take Your Event to the Next Level

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New and Exciting Catering Trends to Take Your Event to the Next Level

Over the past five years, the catering industry has benefited from rising consumer spending and surging corporate profit. Additionally, rising per capita household income and improving consumer confidence have led to greater spending on private events such as weddings and birthdays.

Traditionally focused on providing food and drinks at an event, clients are starting to request and even expect more from their caterers. In response, some catering companies are increasingly expanding their offering to include various dietary requirements, more creativity in menu planning, themed food and beverages, and other requests to personalize an event.

Change is the only constant in the world and as a leading caterer, we have to continue to adapt to these changes by keeping up with the newest trends. Some of the latest trends that we have seen an increased interest in and enjoy providing to our clients are:

Ground-Breaking Menus: With the immense demand for this industry, caterers are coming up with fresh and new menu ideas to grab the attention of their customers. People are also tired of repeatedly eating the same thing at events. Caterers understand this problem and are trying to create menus in a unique way.

Play With Colors: Caterers are coming up with imaginative ways of incorporating colors into meals. They are presenting food items at events in a very colorful way by garnishing dishes with edible flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc. It is now a popular trend being followed around the world. Playing with colors allows caterers to incorporate a client’s theme and personal preferences with flair.

Go Green: Today, the entire catering industry is going green by using fresh local ingredients and organic products in their cooking. The easiest way to make your event successful is to work with caterers who select seasonal ingredients.

Healthy Food Matters: Fatty ingredients are a thing of the past! The focus is now on healthy meals in small plates. From fresh vegetables, locally sourced meat, meatless meals, reduced sugar, and other

A catering company that successfully employs these changes will be able to capitalize on the huge expected growth in the catering industry over the next five years.

Now is a great time to adapt to these developing trends and stand out from the competition. With changing trends and tastes, it’s important for catering companies to offer clients new and exciting menus, creative presentation, and healthy options catering to special diets. At Burlington Catering, we love learning about emerging trends and implementing them for our clients. We enjoy working with our customers to bring inventive foods, colours, and visions to their special events. It is our goal to help you make your event unforgettable.

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