How Burlington Catering Helped A Client Have Her Dream Wedding

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How Burlington Catering Helped A Client Have Her Dream Wedding

As a leading catering company that delivers first-class food for every occasion, Burlington Catering provides our clients with a unique, sensory experience with quality food and personalized service. Often the circumstances we need to work under are tremendously challenging, yet, we focus on delivering catering services that exceed your expectations with our bespoke catering services and a personalized touch.

We understand the anxiety you feel before an event, but we believe that the best way to mitigate the stress is to be prepared and trust the people you’ve hired. To help you be ready and stress-free, we provide you with all the information required to make your event as magnificent as you have imagined it to be.

Keep reading to learn about how we helped one client have a dream wedding in a rustic location.

The Challenge: A wedding venue with no electricity or water.

Every bride dreams of a fairytale wedding. Some dream of weddings by the lake, in the mountains, at the beach, and at several other places.

One client approached us fixated on having her dream wedding reception at a rustic barn, on a property owned by the family for generations. While the barn and surrounding areas were the stuff fairytales are made of, it became a temporary nightmare for us, as we soon learned that the barn had no electricity or water connections.

While providing tantalizing delicacies is our specialty, not having water or power threw up a major challenge.

The Solution: A butane and water tanker fuelled satellite kitchen

Our client wanted a full-service hot food buffet for two hundred guests, so that meant the need to cook and serve at the location. We needed to ensure we helped this client enjoy her dream wedding by doing what she asked of us. The only way we could do this was powering our satellite kitchen with butane and water tanks.

Within a day, we purchased portable butane burners, portable convection ovens, and trucked in water. We then set up a satellite kitchen and began preparations for the big day. When the day arrived, the place looked gorgeous, and we were able to charm our client’s guests with delectable delights.

At the end of the reception, the thrilled bride couldn’t thank us enough, and we couldn’t have been happier after pulling off one of our more challenging requests.

The Bottom Line

Irrespective of location or menu, at Burlington Catering, we enjoy working with our customers to bring inventive foods, colors, and visions to their special events. It is our goal to help you make your event unforgettable for your guests and anxiety-free for you.

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